Close to half of the Ethiopian population either does not have access to electricity or does not have adequate access to electricity. Even though you might be shocked by this statistic, it is a really apparent situation. To say that life without electricity can’t exist would not be an exaggeration.
As such, the lives of these Ethiopians have proven to be difficult, hampering their day-to-day lives.We were established with the aspiration of providing these people with energy sources that can significantly make their lives easier. To this end, we have provided our customers with viable, efficient and economical energy sources.
Lets make the planet cleaner

Our Services

We, at DUMSEL TRADING PLC, chose to invest in alternative energy sources to provide innovative and reliable solar power systems, energy efficient systems and energy hybrid systems. The alternative energy source industry is a quickly booming industry. As such, various energy sources have made it to the market, and the list of energy sources is continuously being updated. We are committed to make these state of the art alternative energy sources available for our customers as soon as they make it to the market.
About us
DUMSEL TRADING PLC was established in 2013. We are an Ethiopian Alternative Energy Solution Provider based in Addis Ababa. DUMSEL TRADING, operating under the trade name of Golden Solar Energy, is a Solar PV based alternative energy solutions importer, distributor and integrator with the aim of giving Ethiopians the tools to transform their lives through cost effective and environment friendly energy solutions. DUMSEL TRADING has strategically positioned agile work forces in Ethiopia to support its customers through both on-site and off-site engagements.
Our core values
We achieve our purpose by offering services like consultancy, installation, installation supervision, commissioning, capacity building, maintenance, and post integration services.


We are dedicated to make our customers more successful, and play a vital role in their transformation into what the new century promises for Ethiopia.


We apply the best possible skill, knowledge and experience to all services we provide to our customers.


We do right by all our customers and business partners with a win-win partnership approach in our projects.

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